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Benetracker - Incoming payment tracker for beneficiaries

Published on 13.01.2020

BNP Paribas is co-creating with its corporate clients to leverage the latest treasury technologies to deliver concrete solutions that solve today’s treasury headaches, while preparing treasurers for the future operating environment.

The 'Treasury Board' is an event oragnised by BNP Paribas Cash Management, bringing together global treasurers from large MNCs, from across the world, for a day of intense ideation and co-creation workshops.

One of the finest co-creations to come out the Treasury Board is Benetracker. It is a DHL-style tracker, aimed at tracking payments with a focus on beneficiaries to make them aware of the status of specific payments that are due to them. It is directly accessible by beneficiaries in order to minimise the time spent chasing outgoing payments and allows them to access a public space where they can see non-confidential data about the payment. BNP Paribas is leading the charge in delivering gpi Tracker functionality direct to clients and has enabled gpi functionality on MT as well as XML messages. 

In this video, Wim Grosemans, head of product develoment, Payments & Receivables, and Steven Lenaerts, head of product management, Global Channels, explain how this track-and-trace solution for beneficiaries works.