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Complete Access your Global Liquidity

Use BNP Paribas' cash concentration capabilities to enable central and/or regional control over your cash across a multitude of currencies, both physically and notionally.

Control Your FX Exposure

Decrease your operational burden caused by manual operations to reduce FX exposure. BNP Paribas liquidity solutions enable you to efficiently manage the FX related to your transactional flows.

Enhance Your Investment and Optimisation Strategy

Manage your liquidity position to optimise your investment profile and return by understanding your liquidity profile, objectives and constraints.

Increase Visibility on Your Global Liquidity

A global view over all of your cash held across the world through a single, state of the art global e-banking platform, including a dedicated module focused on your liquidity structures.

Gain Efficiency and Reduce Manual Workload

Reduce operational burden with automatic solutions ranging from tools facilitating the administration of your intercompany loans to solutions avoiding the commingling of funds.

Implement a Lean Banking Structure

Our Advisory teams accompany you at every step to help you define a tailored liquidity management strategy that takes into consideration corporate structures and their geographical footprint across different markets and regulations.

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Physical Cash Pooling

Concentrate and distribute funds across multiple accounts and reduce borrowing costs by leveraging surplus funds.

Multi-currency Notional Pooling

Manage cash balances in various currencies as a single balance, maximize interest and minimixe FX risks and costs.

Multibank Cash Pooling

Consolidate balances from multiple banks to a central account, providing better control of cash positions and interest expenses. 

Cross-currency Sweeping

Convert flows and balances into the currency of your choice via fully automated sweeps with no manual intervention. 

Multi-currency Notional Pooling

Manage cash balances in various currencies as a single balance, maximize interest and minimise FX risks and costs.

Investment Solutions

Explore our comprehensive suite of investment solutions that cater to every cash management need. At the core of our offerings is a commitment to sustainability, ensuring that yout investments achieve your financial goals and align your values while also making a positive impact on the world.

Account-based Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your global balances with our comprehensive account-based solutions


Earn a higher return by automatically sweeping your excess cash into the investment product that matches best your needs.

Connexis Cash

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Intercompany Loans Management

Centralize financial data and automate intercompany loans workflows to improve business operations and save resources.


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