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Balance Sheet Improvment

Enhance your financial KPIs. Deleverage your balance sheet in a simple way.

Finance your Operations All Over Europe

Setup AR financing programs that work for all your European operations, with the solution that fits your organisation.

Maximise the Potential of the Balance sheet, Beyond Account Receivables

Unlock the value hidden in your company. Get an advance as proportion of tangible assets (receivables, but also inventories, plant and machinery) on the balance sheet.

Secure your Supply Chain

Secure your suppliers by accelerating their order-to-cash while improving your working capital.

Grant Credit Terms to Sustain your Client's Operation

Provide your clients with payment terms and funding that can go beyond AR maturity without deteriorating your DSO.

Sustainable Factoring

Get your organisation's ambitious ESG journey supported and recognized by your factoring partner.

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Non-recourse factoring 

Get your AR funded and credit protected against clients' default, whatever their location.

Off-balance sheet treatment

Make your Receivable Purchase Progam enabling de-recognition of the asset receivables transferred. Improve your balance-sheet's KPIs (DSO, liquidity, solvency, leverage, ...).

Tax credit

Get get rid of tax credit (VAT, Credit d'Impot recherche) against cash.

Multi-Local program

Embark selling entities located in Europe in the same Receivable Purchase Program, allowing local teams to handle the day-to-day operations in their native language and according to local law. Get the best of local expertise and product offering while keeping overall control of the management of the program.

Pan European solution

Have the program run from the very same place for all your selling entities, whatever their location in Europe. Mirror your centralised organisation in the way the program is handled. Keep total control of the setup and the day-to-day operations.

Asset based lending (ABL)

Increase working capital funding by borrowing against the value of your inventory, your property, your plant or your machinery, on top of traditional AR funding.

Inventory financing

Reduce your cash  conversion cycle. From "just in time" to "just in case" with no cash impact. Typically comes along with a receivable finance program.

Reverse Factoring

Create a competitive advantage by sustaining your key suppliers. Give them access to favorable credit conditions and get rewarded for that.

Buy Now Pay Later

Improve the sale conversion rate of your online business. Increase average order size and customer loyalty. Offer B2B customers flexible payment terms through a real-time and frictionless customer journey.

Maturity factoring

Receive the debtor payments on due date, while granting debtors the opportunity to step into a relationship with us as we prolonge their payment terms by having them sign an additional contract with us. This type of contract is very common in Italy.

Floor planning/ Distribution finance

You are a  distributor/importer wishing to support dealers' capital intensive business. Floor planning gives you the opportunity to offer dealers longer payment terms (beyond 120 days) on condition that the goods (most often vehicles) remain at the debtor’s premises (e.g. cars in the dealer’s showroom). You get paid by the bank at delivery of the good or at maturity of related invoices. The longer payment terms do not negatively impact your cash position. 

ESG- linked factoring

Get your effort on sustainabiity rewarded: Link the cost of your Factoring contract to the achievement of annual ESG targets.

ESG-linked reverse factoring

Through reverse factoring, you challenge the sustainability of your suppliers and thus directly improve the sustainability level of your supply chain.


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