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Manage Your Cash Activities Online

Carry out fund transfers, track payment status and monitor accounts worldwide in an all-in-one e-banking system. Seamless integration with your system either manually or automatically with a host-to-host solution.

Establish Secure Direct Connectivity with BNP Paribas

Fully automate the exchange of files between your ERP or treasury management system and BNP Paribas' systems through a host-to-host communication solution, without user intervention. 

Trace Your Payments and Receivables in Real-time

Locate your account payables and account receivables in real time throughout the entire payment lifecycle. 

Optimise Bank Reconciliation

Get a multitude of information in your bank statements and detailed reporting on your transactions for an optimised reconciliation of flows and the maintenance of your cash positions, both historical and forecast.

Reinforce Control of Your Flows

Add an extra layer of control that is completely customisable, whether for fraud protection or for checking completeness of payment reference.

Manage Your Bank Fees

Get complete visibility over the banking fees charged to your organisation.

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Connexis Cash e-banking

From payment initiation, authorisation, real-time tracking  to reconciliation and liquidity management, Connexis Cash provides a complete online experience for corporates. Whether your corporate is a multinational or mono-country, Connexis Cash is ideal as a standalone application or as an online outlet for your host-to-host banking connectivity flows.

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Connexis Cash Mobile

Manage your cash activities wherever you are with the Connexis Cash Mobile App, compatible with Android and iOS devices.
A seamless complement to your Connexis Cash, allowing you to authorise and track your payments right from your mobile device. 

Direct Connectivity Online

Payments sent via host-to-host solutions are projected onto Connexis Cash's web interface where you can easily view, take action on anomalies, securely authorise and track their status onscreen.


SWIFTNet, the international network hosted by SWIFT, enables secure communication with all your banks worldwide through a single standard protocol.
BNP Paribas’ SWIFTNet solution provides a wide range of services to streamline your payment processing: 
- A wide choice of payment and collection instruments with multiple local formats and generic formats through FIN and FileAct protocols.
- A full range of reporting and payment traceability services. 
- Additional security features such as data encryption and digital signature.

Direct Connectivity

Direct Connectivity solutions consist of a range of common protocols that enable to fully automate the exchange of files between your ERP or treasury management system and BNP Paribas' banking system. Your host-to-host bank connectivity needs are supported with FTPS, SFTP, EBICS v2.4, v2.5, v3.0. 

API for Corporates

Complement your bank connectivity channels with API to benefit from BNP Paribas' cash management products in real-time. 

Secure Flows

Secure Flows is a value-added service designed to reinforce the security of your credit transfers through customisable filters.
In case of anomaly detection, the relevant transfers are rejected. Additionally, Connexis Cash's web interface allows you to visualise and take actions on your credit transfers with anomalies.

Flow Reconciliation

Reporting services include end-of-day account statements, intraday reporting and debit/credit advice in multiple formats (MT94x, XML camt.05x, CFONB, BAI2, etc.). Automate end-of-day account statement import for treasury (global view on liquidity) and for accounting (account clearing and invoice reconciliation) purposes.

Online Payment Tracking

Track payment status online. With SWIFT gpi services, follow up both outgoing and incoming cross-border payments with visibility over the banks involved, fees and applicable FX rates.  
Notify your beneficiaries of their incoming payments from BNP Paribas and allow them to track these payments themselves in real-time with BENEtracker.

Payment Status Report (PSR)

This service provides detailed traceability information —at batch and transaction level— on the status of a payment or direct debit instruction while it is being processed. Monitor failed transactions that require further action. 

Email notification

Get notified by email everytime there is a payment status update on your outgoing and incoming flows. You can tailor the criteria to meet your needs.

Consolidated Billing Report

Consolidated Billing Reporting (CBR) helps you manage your bank fees. It provides detailed information (unitary pricing, volumes use etc.) about the cash management services charged to you for a defined period for all your accounts.


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