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BNP Paribas’ Virtual Account Management Platform Offers Countless Possibilities

Published on 20.05.2021

In today’s economic landscape, obtaining greater visibility and control through better cashflow management is undeniably a significant priority for all treasurers. The recent crisis has encouraged companies to increase their level of centralisation, and to speed up their transformation projects to become more resilient.


BNP Paribas’ Virtual Account Management Platform offers a versatile and flexible solution to accompany Corporate treasury organisations on this journey. It allows to easily replicate the organisational set-up as a virtual structure and instantly concentrate cash in the physical account. In turn, this accrued visibility over centralised cash positions allows for improved risk management and a better use of liquidity.

The use of virtual accounts will naturally decrease the number of physical bank accounts and their attached total cost of ownership. It also simplifies the complexity of managing many physical accounts, thanks to a less burdensome and less time-consuming process for onboarding new legal entities and opening new accounts.  Our platform offers a self-service functionality so Corporates can easily manage their structure and create as many virtual accounts as they need to segregate their payables and receivables flows per legal entity, business line, client, supplier, project or even currency.

The platform also offers near real-time reporting on all balances and transactions, with possibilities to generate customisable reporting per virtual account or group of virtual accounts. For companies that operate an On-Behalf-Of structure, this solution also enables them to give viewing rights to their affiliate entities over their specific virtual accounts, so they can maintain a clear visibility on their balances and operations while segregating accesses. Through the unique virtual account reference, OBO treasuries also benefit from a seamless reconciliation process of flows per entity. The virtual account details can also be conveyed in outgoing payments to make sure that the end beneficiary is provided with the same level of data.

The Virtual Account Management platform also comes with a user-friendly tool to calculate interests on intercompany positions, and offers the key advantage of being relatively plug-and-play in terms of technical implementation.  Moreover, our Advisory Teams will gladly support you to build your virtual structure, fully adapted to your organisational needs and objectives. Whether these goals are reconciliation, flows segregation, bank account rationalisation, payment processes harmonisation,  or the implementation of an in-house bank or On-Behalf-Of structure, our virtual solutions can apply to many uses cases, and will ultimately boost your treasury maturity with virtual simplicity.

Wach this video to find out more about the Virtual Accounts Management Platform https://lnkd.in/db_KQy4

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