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Latest Trends in Digital Payment Services

Published on 31.01.2024

In a rapidly evolving digital financial services landscape, BNP Paribas' payment innovations are significantly enhancing the way corporates manage their treasury function. 

These advancements not only streamline the payment process but also bring forth transparency, added speed and autonomy, resulting in a more effective banking experience with Connexis Cash, BNP Paribas' e- banking application and via BNP Paribas Global Channels' connectivity solutions.

  • Turbocharge EUR transfers with SEPA Instant

    Eliminating the waiting time and enabling your beneficiaries to receive their funds instantly is definitely a game changer.  This swift process at BNP Paribas is particularly beneficial for businesses requiring quick and efficient settlement for their payments and payrolls in Euros.   


  • Take control of SEPA Direct Debit mandates

    The power to manage the mandates of your SEPA Direct Debits is now embedded in Connexis.  The request to the bank is no longer needed; you can directly request refunds for your SEPA Direct Debits and block the mandates in a few clicks. 


  • Pay with Confidence with Confirmation of Payee

    In the United Kingdom, the Confirmation of Payee service has become a market standard in fortifying the security of financial transactions.  Connexis Cash is now equipped with such validation capability to check whether the name of the payee provided by the payer matches the account details held by the UK recipient’s bank.  This additional layer of verifications helps protect corporates from sending payments to the wrong account.


  • Track international payments, in and out

    Knowing the whereabouts of incoming and outgoing international payments has always been crucial for treasurers. Powered by the SWIFTgpi network, the tracking feature in Global Channels provides corporates and their beneficiaries with live tracking status updates, FX and fee details of their cross-border financial transactions. 


  • Secure FX rates upfront with FX Interactive

    Corporates can now eliminate FX conversion rate uncertainties associated with the subsequent currency fluctuations to ensure precision in budgeting and financial planning. By accepting the FX rate upfront, the converted cross-currency amount is fully guaranteed.  


BNP Paribas' dedicated teams of experts are ready to provide corporates with all the support they need to incorporate these payment innovations within their financial practice. Contact your BNP Paribas relationship manager for more information.