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BNP Paribas - Fintech Collaboration: A Winning Formula

Published on 08.04.2021

BNP Paribas is one of the first cash management banks to have recognised the importance of collaborating with fintechs, both as a source of critical innovation and as providers of economical solutions with impressive times to market.

Here is a selection of fintechs we actively collaborate with:



CashForce is a leading working capital and cashflow forecasting Software as a Service (SaaS) tool, connected to most of the TMS and ERP systems around the globe. This solution, with ready-to-build ERP connectors, has been integrated in BNP Paribas’ Centric portal and is actively provided to our large corporate clients. Using a ‘self-service’ interface, users (treasurers) can easily create in-depth analyses,  turned into automated, customised reports and dashboards. This engine delivers 100% visibility in treasury operations by various customisable dashboards and KPIs. Besides ERP/Accounting data, Cashforce will also connect with other “cash-impacting” data that might reside in other systems, by integrating these systems as well as using ‘smart logics’, to ensure a holistic approach, and reliable cash flow forecasts.



Kantox is a state of the art SaaS Dynamic Hedging solution that is fully automated and eliminates FX Risk in a treasury organisation, using a customisable set of business rules defined by corporates. FX exposure data are collected from corporate ERPs or TMS, be it via API, sftp or other files, and risk is closely monitored by the Kantox algorithm, with automatic micro-hedging execution triggered by corporate business rules. With this commercial and financial partnership, BNP Paribas is able to offer a risk management solution to its corporate clients using best in class technology, recognised in Europe through multiple industry awards.


Sis ID

Sis ID is a collaborative platform created and developed together with CAC 40 treasurers to combat fraud on supplier payments, including the most sophisticated encryption algorithms. This platform has been enriched over the years with data coming from the largest European treasuries and allows real time matching of IBAN with Corporate ID in France as well as across main European countries, thanks to the bridges built with both local interbank schemes, as well as private and public data sources. The built in connectors allow easy access the platform, be it via AP call or file exchanges.  With this new partnership, BNP Paribas has brought to its clients a new tool to help them to fight payment fraud.



Token is a leading technology company which has surfed on the PSD2 APIs to offer the most advanced payment initiation solution across European markets. With connection established over 4,000 banks across multiple markets, this technical provider allows BNP Paribas to offer to its corporate base lower cost collection options in the B2C and B2B space, including the access to rich customer data to build additional services across payment initiation. With this move towards this open banking space with a best in class technology partner, BNP Paribas wants to be at the forefront of this payment (r )evolution that allows its corporate customers and e-commerce clients to initiate payments, on the payer side, from any bank in Europe at lower cost and increased conversion.



Paytweak is a fast and secure text/e-mail payment link, which offers new ways to collect across Europe. By using and widely providing Paytweak through its network, BNP Paribas is in a position to offer its corporate clients new digital channels to collect payments through secured e-mail, text, instant messaging or social networks. Paytweak is already plugged into over 500 acquirers, and can serve our corporate base with a multitude of payment means offered to the payer, from credit cards, credit transfers, to direct credit (Token partnership) and direct debit authorisations (Easy collect offer). This strong partnership with a company that has handled almost 700 millions payment links in 2020 has shown the capacity of BNP Paribas to offer innovative collection solutions to its various client segments.