Connexis Cash

Connexis Cash

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Connexis Cash is BNP Paribas Cash Management’s global electronic banking solution for corporates. Be in control of your global liquidity positions. Whether your corporate is a multi-national, mid-cap, or SME, Connexis Cash is your ideal electronic banking solution.


Your needs 

Your company is a large corporate searching for an all-in-one e-banking solution to monitor balances and to carry out transactions worldwide. The ability to handle your Liquidity Management and FX bookings via the same tool would be a definite plus. ¡ Your company is a mid-cap or SME in need of an e-banking solution for accounts in one or a few countries. ¡ You are searching for an online tool to complement a host-to-host solution (SWIFTNet, EBICS, proprietary) to visualise transfer status and to authorise flows onscreen.

Our solution

Tracking and managing your complex global corporate accounts has never been easier thanks to the strong, worldwide BNP Paribas coverage and an advanced technological platform. Connexis Cash offers an online solution which answers to your banking needs via a web browser or smartphone. ¡ With a commitment to frequent updates and service enrichments, Connexis Cash stays relevant on top of the changing banking requirements and technologies. Yet, the application design is easy to implement and to use on a daily basis.

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