Paying Here & Abroad

BNP Paribas extends its gpi scope to Italy and Spain

Published on 13.10.2020

With constant expansion of its SWIFT gpi offering, BNP Paribas has extended gpi services to Spain and Italy.

This means that all international payments instructed from accounts held in BNP Paribas Spain or BNL in Italy can be tracked end-to-end via the gpi tracker, with full visibility on throughput times and possible fees deductions at intermediary bank level. Client Customer Service teams have direct access to the gpi tracker and can trace payments in real-time to respond to clients’ enquiries, especially for sensitive payments.

Additional and value-added gpi services have also been deployed in both countries


Clients are now able to automatically track their outgoing international payments themselves in BNP Paribas' global e-banking channel Connexis Cash and can also subscribe to the g4C (gpi for Corporates) Pay & Trace service in order to receive the tracking status of their payments directly into their ERP system or TMS. Spain will also be part of the country scope for the g4C Inbound Tracking service that will be launched by BNP Paribas in November 2020.

Italy (BNL):

By the end of 2020, gpi tracking information will be integrated into the local e-banking system, MyHub, and will be rolled-out to Connexis Cash in 2021. More information related to other value-added services such as g4C Pay&trace & Inbound will follow. .

BNP Paribas is continuously expanding its gpi scope with many other countries expected to go live in the coming months.