BNP Paribas has emerged as the clear leader among large corporates in Europe in the 2018 Greenwich Associates awards in Large Corporate Cash Management.

  • BNP Paribas is the ‘Greenwich Share Leader’ in 2018, ranked 1st in Top Tier* Europe, Top Tier* Eurozone, Belgium-Luxembourg and France while standing 3rd  in Italy and the Netherlands.
  • The bank is also the 2018 ‘Greenwich Quality Leaderin Belgium-Luxembourg, France and Total Asia**

In the 2018 Greenwich Associates awards in Large Corporate Cash Management announced on 15 February, BNP Paribas has demonstrated consistent growth in all major regions particularly in Europe, the US and Asia. Standing an overall 3rd in ‘Total Relationships', the bank has improved on the 2016 to 2017 YoY trend. BNP Paribas has emerged as a clear leader among large corporates in Europe. Owing to an improving YoY performance, with a positive impact on share of wallet opportunities, the bank stands at an overall 3rd in ‘Lead Relationships’ and ‘International Cross-Sell’ rankings. This is effectively on par with HSBC and Deutsche Bank on aggregate, with particularly high effectiveness in Asia.

Greenwich Share Leaders - 2018

With an improving 3rd position in ‘Net Business Momentum’, in comparison with its immediate peers, BNP Paribas has emerged as having the smallest mentions for being at risk of losing business with a particularly strong forward looking business momentum in Asia. With Europe and the US providing positive momentum to the bank’s ‘Overall Relationship Quality (GQI)’ ranking, BNP Paribas at the 4th position has significantly improved to comfortably above-average scores. 

BNP Paribas has demonstrated an improved overall perceived quality of sales specialists with improvements across all individual factors, particularly in regard to frequency of contacts and ability to advice across all GTB products (Trade Finance, Cash Management and FX). With Asia showing particular strengths, the bank is now on par with Citi on coverage intensity

The bank's clients appear to be increasingly aware of the bank’s international capabilities and the sheer breadth of its network. While in Europe the bank’s overall digital capabilities are aligned with the market, BNP Paribas in Asia has demonstrated clear strengths in overall execution and its customer service quality.


Greenwich Associates conducted 30-40 minute, in-person interviews across Europe, the United States and Asia with 2957 Treasurers or other key decision makers for Cash Management of large corporates.

* Top Tier refers to corporates with at least EUR 2bn turnover p.p.

** Total Asia excludes Australia / NZ