World Payments Report 2017 - Download it now!

World Payments Report 2017 - Download it now!

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Today, Capgemini and BNP Paribas Cash Management, released for the second time the World Payments Report, in a more corporate oriented framework.
This thought leadership initiative has been created to support your business, with a full set of figures, graphs and key take-aways on how payments are evolving.

A dynamic regulatory landscape, FinTechs, changing corporate and customer expectations for value-added services, and an increase in payments-enabling technologies are driving a new payments ecosystem which will bring value to all stakeholders including corporates.   Banks must embrace this opportunity to enhance their offerings in collaboration with FinTechs and third-party developers. Technologies such as APIs and Instant Payments can help in the development of a collaborative ecosystem, however, there are vulnerabilities in the proposed ecosystem which is still nascent and ambiguous that should be acknowledged by stakeholders.

A New Payments Ecosystem Emerges

WPR 2017 reports the emergence of a new payments ecosystem, driven by a dynamic regulatory landscape including the requirements of PSD2 compliance, FinTechs, changing corporate and customer expectations for value-added services, and an increase in payments-enabling technologies.

Opportunity Arises for Corporate Treasurers

Corporate treasurers’ demands for better, more reliable end-to-end services are impacting the payments ecosystem. During this time of intense competition, banks can seize the opportunity to nurture business with existing corporate clients and also acquire new clients. Treasury management is going digital as repetitive task automation allows treasuries to focus on cash forecasting and fraud prevention. In trade finance, banks and FinTechs are exploring blockchain-based smart contracts to optimize processes. In cross-border payments, banks are experimenting internally with blockchain to develop scalable digital payments platforms.

Impact of KRIIs on the Regulatory Landscape

Key regulatory and industry initiatives (KRIIs) aimed at competition and risk reduction complicate the regulatory landscape by stimulating service provider competition and disrupting traditionally inert segments of the payments value chain. KRIIs have the potential to improve standardization and transparency, which are expected to bring substantive and long-term innovation to customers. KRIIs introduced since publication of World Payments Report 2016 focus on digital currency, reduction of cash, FinTechs, and application programming interfaces (APIs).


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