Welcome - BNP Paribas' fully digital onboarding experience

Welcome - BNP Paribas' fully digital onboarding experience

  • Trends & Vision

Client Onboarding Transformation

Client Onboarding is the very first mile in the banking journey of a customer and sets the stage for future interactions with the Bank.

Having progressively worked towards making client onboarding easier, we are taking it to another level. BNP Paribas’ ‘Welcome’ is an intuitive platform that simplifies onboarding (namely KYC and contracting) and services activation. It will guide you through each step of the process, no matter where you are and according to your own schedule. A full digital onboarding experience making the KYC documents collection, the account opening and e-banking subscriptions much easier.

What you can expect from ‘Welcome’:

  1. Simplification & Speed: reducing the number of forms, harmonising the process of onboarding across all BNP Paribas branches, opening and activating account faster.
  2. Efficiency & Transparency: only the information that cannot be sourced by the bank in autonomy is requested, and such information is required only once at the very beginning, with permanent follow-up of your request.
  3. Enhanced onboarding experience: a user-friendly interface developed in co-creation with our clients and prospects.
  4. Security: controls are automatized and all steps are digitalized including the electronic signature of contracts and forms online.

Fast, Easy, Paperless, the way it should be! Welcome to BNP Paribas!