Cash management at heart

Cash management at heart

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In a corporate environment where cash is strategic, BNP Paribas is showing a long-term commitment to corporates that are engaged in efficiency driven and forward thinking treasury strategies.

Whatever their size and the nature of their activity, corporates must strive to be agile and adapt to a fast-moving, complex and globalised environment. In this context, cash management can provide advanced insight and act as a powerful driver.

Cash as a transformation driver

Traditionally known as the day-to-day management of corporates’ current accounts, payments and collections as well as liquidity, cash management encompasses an even broader scope for BNP Paribas. Now that cash strategies are recognised as having the potential to create substantial, long-term value, Cash Management within BNP Paribas is manifesting itself as a strategic activity that can potentially drive corporate transformation.

The means of our ambitions

With a geographical coverage in over 60 countries with direct access to local cash management experts and clearing, BNP Paribas’ Cash Management provides corporates with seamless global solutions.

Our Connexis-based platform is available in 45 countries and 18 languages, serving over 6,000 corporates worldwide. We have also implemented SWIFTNet solutions in 22 European countries and 39 countries outside Europe to serve over 330 corporate clients, more than any other bank.

Innovation is our word

BNP Paribas’ Cash Management is driven by innovation, thanks to the expertise and the sharpness of a dedicated Competence Centre. This high-value steering team is in charge of devising our global commercial and industrial cash management strategy, offering the coordination of the Bank’s worldwide resources. Last but not least, the Cash Management Steering Centre provides high-quality advice to our corporate clients.