Secure Flows

published on 18.12.2015
Secure Flows

Secure Flows enable to strengthen security of credit transfers through a range of customizable filters which are based on predefined controls like closed lists of beneficiary accounts, countries or currencies, transaction limits, discrepancy checks. In case of anomaly, payments are rejected (or suspended) and you are alerted by email or PSR (Payment Status Report files).

Access to all global and French local formats supported by BNP Paribas.
Prevent internal and external fraud.
Real-time controls with no cut-off delays.
Ease of implementation with no change of your existing infrastructure.

Several protocols available (SWIFTNet, FTPS, SFTP, EBICS T/TS...).
Selection of credit transfer types and debit accounts.
Definition of anti-fraud filters according to the risk.
Optimal reporting mode in case of credit transfers rejected for anomaly: e-mail alerts, PSR files.
Large volume capacity.
Traxis: optional web interface for additional traceability and responsiveness (possible management of pending credit transfers in case of anomaly).

Advanced security solution against fraud and large bulk payments monitoring.