published on 18.12.2015
  • Collect your receivables everywhere you are present: benefit from a worldwide footprint but with local depth expertise.
  • Have access to the local channels and formats.
  • Fasten your collection process with advisory and automated reconciliation solutions.
  • Collect in diverse collection instruments and allow your clients to pay you in standard but also local means of payments.
  • Collect everywhere, even if you don’t have a local presence.
  • Improve your visibility and cash forecasting with global e-banking tools and centralised processes.
  • Manage and optimise your costs and risks.
  • From enriched transaction reporting to collection factories and virtual accounts, BNP Paribas covers all your needs in terms of collections everywhere you do business.
  • Large corporate or SME? A world of solutions to serve your company’s needs today and in the future.
  • Dedicated product and advisory teams.

A few examples of our range of available Collection solutions:

  • Virtual accounts
  • Collect-4-You
  • Central card acquiring
  • Collection on Behalf of
  • Global channels (Connexis, E-Link, SWIFT, …)
  • Lockbox
  • Enriched transaction and treasury reporting
  • Cross-border SDD
  • Intraday reports
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