published on 18.12.2015

Your company wishes to be present in its export country without having to manage a local structure, without having to manage accounts abroad while offering the use of local payment services to customers.

You also want to improve your debt recovery in Europe, to be perceived as a local player, to increase your commercial credibility and to decrease delay in your payment collection.

Processes abroad can be complex and expensive, and the language barrier can sometimes slow down the development of your export activities.

  • Flexibility

  • Simplicity

  • Quick collection cycle

  • Accessibility

  • Delegation of activities

Collect-4-You is a simple solution to collect your flows in Europe and strengthen your position as a local player through:

  • The use of local means of payment by your customers without having to open and manage accounts abroad.
  • The publishing of invoices and gentle reminder process in your customers’ language.
  • The reconciliation of invoices with enriched, harmonised and structured bank statements.
  • The decrease of your collection delays and the optimisation of your treasury.


the leaflet

Collect-4-You is a simplified solution for collecting your foreign cash flow in Europe. Now available to the French market, it will be developed in other countries in the near future.