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Connexis® Cash
Connexis® Cash

Connexis Cash is BNP Paribas’ international electronic banking for corporates to manage their cash activities for their accounts worldwide.

Simple and secured PC or mobile access.
Real-time information.
Centralisation of international cash activities and user administration.
Seamless exchange with your ERP.
Integration of Liquidity Management and Money Market Fund.

Real time balances and payment monitoring.
Payment initiation and authorisation online.
Extensive and customisable reporting capabilities.
File upload and host-to-host transfer with wide-ranging acceptable instructions and formats.
Wide geographical coverage with 45+ countries and interface available in 20+ languages.
ISO 27001 certified.

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Gateway Online
Gateway Online

Gateway Online is an add-on service that complements your host-to-host connectivity (e.g. SWIFTNet FileAct, FTPS, SFTP) to track and validate transactions online via the Connexis interface.

Complete view of all cash management activities thanks to a real-time status tracking of host-to-host server uploads.

Review and perform actions on anomalies, and securely authorise uploaded transactions right on the web browser.

Online visualisation: consultation of transaction details and traceability.

Forcing, pre-validation, and cancellation.

Printing: PDF creation of instruction list.

Authorisation: designated authoriser can sign in Connexis.