Reporting and Reconciliation
End of day account statement
End of day account statement

The end of day account statement which is used and required by 100% of clients, is available in multiple formats (MT940, camt.053, CFONB120, BAI2, etc.).
Take only the MT940: you can get it in its classic version, in the SAP version and even in a customized version.
With this choice, our goal is to help you automate end-of-day account statement import for treasury purposes (global view on liquidity) and for accounting purposes (
account clearing and invoice reconciliation).

Traceability monitoring services
Traceability monitoring services

Our traceability monitoring services enable to monitor your account payables and account receivables throughout the entire lifecycle. They range from email alerts to file integration (e.g. pain.002, camt.054), including online services in Connexis.

Consolidated billing reporting
Consolidated billing reporting

Consolidated billing reporting helps you manage your bank fees.

This solution does not replace existing local invoicing rules legally required in the countries, but it provides you with additional information to:

• check that the agreed pricing is implemented;
• monitor your spending with regular and customised reporting;
• analyse costs by tracking products’ usage across different countries and regions.

Detailed information about the Cash Management services charged.
A product classification based on the AFP Global Service Codes.
ISO 20022 standard reports (TWIST BSB and ISO20022 CAMT.086 standard).

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