What is INQUIRO?

Inquiro, the bank communication web app digitalising the compliance inquiries process related to your payments

Benefits: Icon Efficient


  • Instant notifications
  • Flexible delegation option
  • Pro-active upload functionality
Benefits: Icon Transparent


  • Payment status updates
  • Audit trail of activities
  • Advanced guidelines per question
Benefits: Icon Digital


  • Secured
  • Centralised dashboard
  • Easy search functionality

6 easy steps to ensure compliant payment validation

INQUIRO allows to handle compliance requests for payments in a fully digital way, from the notification on a new request to the reception of a payment status update.

INQUIRO automatically allocates requests to the concerned user(s) and allows for advanced permission settings.

Once the scope has been defined,
it takes only 1 DAY to get started with INQUIRO

Getting started with INQUIRO is a smooth process and since it is a web-based application, no installation is required. Once the scope (accounts, users and permission rights) have been defined in the onboarding form, BNP Paribas activates INQUIRO after which each user will receive a welcome e-mail with instructions to create his/her INQUIRO login and password.

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