Regulation: an opportunity for change

Regulation: an opportunity for change

  • Optimising Liquidity

An evolving regulation can be a formidable opportunity to transform. From Europe to Asia, let’s take a look at what’s next.

A number of leading companies operating in the Eurozone that have implemented SEPA see it as a laboratory for further enhancing their payment and collection systems. Quite a number of them have opted for payment and collection factories facilitated by a more standardised European market.

The implementation of Basel III will also have an impact on how corporates manage their liquidity and the return they can expect from the introduction of the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR). Even though the LCR will first impact on the banks' liquidity, the new regulation is designed to improve the stability of the global financial system, and that will undoubtedly be taken into account to build more ambitious cash strategies.

Looking east, regulation is changing fast and will continue to do so. No doubt that corporates, supported by banking partners with a thorough local knowledge and footprint, will grasp the opportunities that will stem from the regulatory changes to come.