Enablers and Challengers: The Rise of FinTech

Enablers and Challengers: The Rise of FinTech

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Fintech companies are attracting significant investment, estimated at $20bn in 2015. A series of engaging workshops discussing the many aspects of FinTechs were held at The Cash Management University earlier this year by BNP Paribas Cash Management.

The Cash Management University included an interesting and engaging series of in-depth workshops from which participants could choose, covering topics such as cash investment, payment factories and reverse factoring. The following article outlines some of the themes and issues that were explored during a fascinating workshop on fintech, “Taking the Buzz out of Fintech”, featuring Robert Dekker, Associate Director, KPMG Advisory, Bruno Mellado, Head of International Payments and Collections, BNP Paribas and Dominique Adriansens, CEO and founder of fintech company Twikey.

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