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RUB – Russian Ruble


The RUB is a very sensitive currency due to the complexity of the Russian payment system. We advise to strictly follow the guidelines in order to avoid payment rejection and to validate with your beneficiary every mandatory information.

For tax payments: the Federal Tax Service of Russia is switching to new treasury accounts. Until May, both old and new accounts are acceptable but using the old account number after April 30, 2021 will lead to payment rejection. 

Currency Guidelines

The below information has been created for information purposes. We recommend to always validate the below information with your beneficiary prior to sending RUB payments. In case you are not able to instruct the information below in the correct fields, please use field 70.

Payments in RUB toward Russia

Mandatory to route the payment:

Standard possibility:

  • Russian BIK code (9 digits) (field 57, line 1)

  • Beneficiary account number (20 digits) (field 59)

  • Only if the Russian BIK code is used: beneficiary bank name or account number held at central bank (20 digits) (field 70)

2nd possibility:

  • Standard BIC SWIFT code of the beneficiary bank (field 57A). To be validated by your beneficiary.

  • Beneficiary account number (20 digits) (field 59)

As not all Russian bank have a dedicated BIC, we recommend to use the standard approach mentionned above. 

Mandatory regulation requirement:

  • Name of beneficiary (field 59)

  • VO Code, see appendix II (VO + 5 digits) (field 70)

  • Purpose of payment: free text (field 70)

  • Beneficiary INN/KIO/TIN code. INN0 should be instructed in case the beneficiary has no code. (INN: 10 digits, TIN individual: 12 digits, KIO: 5 digits) (field 70)

Specific recommendations for tax payments (in addition of the above mentioned requirements):

The information provided below for tax payments is the standard mandatory information and provided by the Russian Tax Administration. Depending the type of tax to be paid, the requested information from the Russian Tax Administration might slightly differ. In that case, please follow the guidelines provided by the Russian Tax Administration.

  • Beneficiary KPP code (field 70).

    The structure should be INNxxx.KPPyyy
  • Remitter status (field 70)

    "26T:" + status of tax payer. Ex: 26T: S01 
  • UIP/UIN. Can be "0" (field 70)

  • KBK Code  (field 77B)

  • OKTMO Code (field 77B)

  • Payment base. Can be "0" (field 77B)

  • Payment period base. Can be "0" (field 77B)

  • Document number. Can be "0" (field 77B)

  • Date of document. Can be "0" (field 77B)


Comment: all above information that can be "0" can also be omitted from the payment if the information has not been requested as mandatory from the Russian Tax Administration.

Payments in RUB outside Russia

Mandatory to route the payment:

  • BIC of correspondent bank from the beneficiary side (field 56A)

  • Account number of beneficiary bank at his correspondent bank. Vostro, only digits without space or hyphen. This information can be obtained via SSIs or via your beneficiary. (20 digits) (field 57A, line 1)

  • BIC of beneficiary bank (field 57A, line 2)

  • Account number of beneficiary (field 59 line 1, option F preferred)

Mandatory regulation requirement:

  • Name of beneficiary (field 59 line 2, option F preferred)

  • VO code, see appendix II (VO + 5 digits) (field 70)

  • Purpose of payment (field 70)

Instructions, technical guidelines & more

To consult the Technical Guidelines of this currency, click here


To consult the Appendix(es) click here

Appendix II: Purpose of Payment Code (RUB)-VO Code
Additional information

• Available charge options: OUR

• Central bank of Russia:

• Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation: