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JPY – Japanese Yen


The payment processing of this currency is considered to be highly standardised, even though AML controls in Japan are very strict and might delay final credit to the beneficiary.

Currency Guidelines

A clear reason / purpose of payment is recommended and consists of a full written description (in English) of the nature of payment to be provided in the remittance information. For example: providing an invoice number without guiding text is considered as insufficient and can result in errors or delays.

Example: Payment of travel expenses – invoice n° 123456789

This currency does not have any decimal places.

Instructions, technical guidelines & more

To consult the Technical Guidelines of this currency, click here

Additional information

• Available charge options: OUR/SHA/BEN

• The commission schedule in Japan may be higher than other countries as it is market practice to be charged on percentage based fee, the so-called “lifting charge”, for remittances where no FX transaction is involved.

• Additional information:

Relevant for funds receipt in Japan

Please note that, according to the Bankers Association: “The Japanese government has required Japanese financial institutions, etc. to identify and verify customers under the Act on prevention of transfer of criminal proceeds and the foreign exchange and foreign trade act, as part of countermeasures against money laundering activities and the financing of terrorism. Under these circumstances, banks will identify and verify customers when they open a new account and/or perform large cash transactions, domestic cash transfers of more than 100,000 yen and overseas remittances, etc. Banks are also required to report transactions that are suspected of being related to criminal proceeds by the Act. For more information please go to the website”.

• Japanese Bankers Association:

• Central bank of Japan: