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CHF – Swiss Franc


The payment processing of this currency is considered to be highly standardised.

Currency Guidelines

A clear reason / purpose of payment is recommended and consists of a full written description (in English) of the nature of payment to be provided in the remittance information. For example: providing an invoice number without guiding text is considered as insufficient and can result in errors or delays.

Example: Payment of travel expenses – invoice n° 123456789

Payments in CHF toward Switzerland

Besides the standard information, the IBAN format is mandatory.
The beneficiary’s full name (written out in full, without initials, abbreviations or acronyms) is mandatory.

Payments in CHF outside Switzerland

Standard information
The IBAN format is mandatory (see Appendix VI).

Instructions, technical guidelines & more

To consult the Technical Guidelines of this currency, click here


To consult the Appendix(es) click here

Appendix VI: IBAN Application Rules
Additional information

• Available charge options: OUR/SHA/BEN

• According to the Commission Services, Titles III and IV of the PSD also apply to payment transactions made in Swiss Francs (CHF) within the EU/EEA countries, covering, amongst others, a transfer made in Swiss Francs between two PSPs both located in one Member State (e.g. France)

• Central bank of Switzerland: