General recommendations

Here you can find some common guidelines applicable for all currencies within this guide:

      - As a general rule, always try  to be as complete as possible: providing insufficient or incomplete information such as
        initials, abbreviations or acronyms mainly in beneficiary name or address might result in delayed / rejected payments.

      - Account number: In some countries, the IBAN format is mandatory. In all other cases, the usage of an IBAN is
        recommended, where possible.

      - Unless otherwise specified, it is always recommended to add a clear reason/purpose of payment. This information can
         consist of a full written description (in English), a code describing the reason for payment, or a combination of both.
         Please note that providing only a number without guiding text is insufficient and can result in errors or delays.

      - The common practice for international payments is to add information in English and in Latin characters, not in the local
         language of the payer or payee.

      - Mind the decimals: the majority of currencies accept two decimals. Exceptions to this rule will be specified in the
        currency guidelines.

For further information or any questions, please contact your account manager